How to wear a blazer?

With the semester coming to an end and a keen group of freshmen awaiting for Fall semester to begin, BARE has already began to recruit new voices to add to our already diverse group of staffers. Enjoy!

Japanese Fashion Magazine WITH, one of my favorite magazines, is a must-have item every month in the fashion world. Browsing through the latest issue, I’ve noticed a look that’s never actually made a place in my “outfits to try” list yet jumped out to me this time. It’s the blazer over T-shirt with shorts look. What you choose to wear underneath the blazer is very flexible (tank tops, dress shirts, halters come to mind). With some killer shoes you’re surely dressed to impress!

Here is a similar look from the French APC Summer collection. This looks is a blend of summer chic and feminine maturity.

Arting Chang
BARE Reporter Class of '13


  1. Arting!! I am so excited to see your debut at BARE magazine! This is a great piece and I can't wait to see more from you, on the BARE blog, and in the future issues!


  2. by the way, those shoes on the model are so cute!

  3. As a women, wearing blazer is must know. I love blazer because it adds beauty to me. I will follow your tips. Thanks!