Lady Dior's Lady Noire Affair

Following the short film / advertisement trend started by Chanel for its famed No. 5 fragrance, Dior has released a mini story of its own- a lady James Bond adventure-
"Chapter 1: A Lady Noire Affair". As expected, the film shows off males in perfectly pressed Dior Homme suits, and Marion Cotillard rushing up the Eiffel Tower in amazing black heels, distinctly shaped "Diorette" sunglasses and the Lady Dior Handbag. A classic timeless look.

Can't wait for the second chapter, Marion Cotillard as "Lady Rouge".

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. She's gorgeous, the clothes are gorgeous, and the setting is gorgeous, but honestly, too melodramatic and not subtle about showing products enough.

  2. haha i agree esp with the zoom in on the shoes in the end... although i can't believe she was able to run in those heels!

  3. I'd love to own those heels! I like the Chanel short more.

  4. I had the privilege of watching this Dior Film. I was really surprised at the beginning. Very quirky video. Marion as always stunning and great performer.

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