Leggings Trends

Leggings Trend

Lately we have been seeing a divergence from the simple black leggings look during the revival of the 80's a couple years ago. Now we see a pattern of new legging trends: from left to right we have Rodarte diamond-cut leggings, which over at Park & Cube, they teach you how to DIY that style; beautiful flower-patterned tights with beading embellishments paired with a simple white top to look extravagant; a ripped-tights look, although I never really bought into the hole-in-your-tights thing; and for those who've been looking for the most tight fitted jeans, here are faux-denim leggings from Rock & Republic.

I see a continuation of the patterned tights trend, especially ones that are beautifully adorned with embellishments, like in the second photo above. However as for ripped tights, or any tights with holes in them for the matter, I don't know how long that trend will last. What would you like to stay and go? 

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. found a great post on leggings here

  2. "I love to wear leggings, so it should come as no surprise that my first venture into the world of fashion design is with leggings!"

  3. Leggings...don't forget the leotard! Take a look at the vintage leotard blog:

  4. Hi Karen, I really like leggings - its the perfect styling for the disco or shopping tours :)

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