Need more ideas for Mother's Day?

Mother's day is this sunday! Here are some suggestions for some last minute gift ideas to show your mother the love and appreciation she deserves.

1) 1-800-FLOWERS: If you're like me and your parents are miles away from you. The best idea is to send her flowers to be delivered home, or to her work. Every female loves receiving flowers, and a bouquet of flowers from a son or daughter will be very meaningful. Go for classic pinks, or customize your own bouquet. My mother's personal favorite is the "Serene Green Bouquet" which features an arrangement of offwhites and tree-leave green.

2) Spa Massage Treatment: Being a mother is very stressful, schedule her a massage at your local spa, if she's perchance in the Berkeley area, visit Berkeley Sauna for a 45 min massage. Finish off the mini-retreat in the sauna room.

3) Personal Mani: Don't have the time to go to the nail salon for a full manicure/pedicure, show of your skills with the help of the Sephora by OPI nail colors in her favorite color (my personal favorite is the metallic blue-black) and salon-style tools. Finish off the hand treatment with a hand mask.

In reality, mother's day is a day of appreciation for everything that mothers do. I'm sure no matter what gift you get them, or even just a call or a hug, mothers will feel the appreciation. Afterall, it is about showing her that you care. So this mother's day, in fact every day, show that you care.

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. Does anyone have cool idea for handmade things? Or just like things that aren't that expensive, that are more personal. Does anyone make picture frames for example anymore?

  2. You should try to make some DIY shirts, you could find some inspiration on the blog at