Shopping Day in Oakland

For the past week I had been planning on attending the First Annual Cupcake Bake-Off at Rock Paper Scissors Collective in Oakland. We were so excited to try new flavors baked by experts from around the Bay. We unfortunately arrived a little too late to try all of the flavors, but we did get a chance to try some, including the winning flavor “Vegan Strawberry Lemonade.” We also picked up a cupcake cookbook so we can make some of the flavors on our own this summer! (How perfect does a strawberry lemonade cupcake sound on a summer day?) While at first we were disappointed that we missed the bakeoff in its entirety, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spend some time shopping at some of the boutiques along College Avenue.

First we stopped in Rockridge where we went to vintage clothing store, Pretty Penny. This was definitely one of my favorite vintage stores I have seen in a long while. Not only did it expertly cover up the “nostalgic” smell that is commonly found in vintage shops, but it also had unique displays and decorations that set it apart from the same vibe of most vintage stores. Renee tried on and bought a 50s inspired floral dress. They had an amazing selection of short, flat, grey boots that I had my eye on in addition to great bags and accessories. I would definitely recommend a quick trip on AC Transit 51 and looking around Pretty Penny.

After a quick lunch, we stopped in Crush on College, which had a great selection of summer dresses, shoes, and hair accessories (a big trend at the
BARE I5 launch party at Henry’s). One of our favorite pieces was a summer romper that Allison tried on. This is definitely a fun, retro-inspired look that we couldn’t get enough of.

After what we thought the day was going to be a disappointment because of our cupcake void, we ended up having a lot of fun exploring the shops along College and enjoying the beautiful day. Luckily, after a long day of walking and shopping we were lead to Ici where we enjoyed fresh ice cream as an end to our journey.

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


  1. That ice cream looks awesome! How was it?

  2. Oh my goodness, this is the best BARE post in a long time. This sounds like an awesome day out n' about...

    um... and shouldn't you be studying for finals?


    and, ps. Those black heels are SOOO sexy. How much were they!?? Does anyone know!??

  3. lol catherine. shut up. wait... shut up only if you're catherine L.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA renee i would laugh if that wasn't Catherine

    and the ice cream is always amazing from Ici!

  5. I'm glad that I could contribute to your wonderful shopping experience.

    And thanks for the shout out...I'm sure having a Class Pass makes that 51 ride smoother (who can put change in the box when you have shopping bags).

  6. Shopping is really fun. I hope you a had great time.

  7. How about another round of great shopping in Rockridge? I'm hosting a tour on April 11th, to introduce people to this great neighborhood. Some of your featured vendors are offering discounts for this tour only! Check it out and come join the tour...

  8. Must have been an awesome day out with lots of fun, Oak land must be an amazing place to hang out and do shopping. The ice creams looks very tempting.