Store to watch out for :: Comme Ca Ism

Similar to H&M and GAP,
Comme Ca Ism capitalizes on trendy styles with reasonable prices. However, there’s a catch—high quality and low quantity. The store sells select styles at bargain prices, and the quality of the fabric is incomparable. The brand resembles a life-style store where all members of the family can shop together. Its style builds on shades of blacks and whites, perfect for staple-wear shopping.

There are two sister stores, Comme Ca Du Mode, and Mono Comme Ca, which sells high end luxury clothing and accessories, respectively. Stores are decorated with a comfortable ambiance; usually moderate lighting and acoustic music. Though the store is only located in Japan and Taiwan at the moment, its chic and simple design might win the hearts of many fashion lovers in the states should it choose to expand here.

If you're by chance going to Japan this summer, this is a store you wouldn’t want to miss!

Arting Chang
BARE Reporter, Class of '13


  1. something like this in the US would be nice. I feel like this is a nice direction for a lot of brands to take, I would hope that it's profitable for the business but I would love to shop in a store like this!!!!

  2. Oh trust me you would not be disappointed! I go to multiple places where this store is located just to find great buys! in addition, each item has limited supply, so it's highly unlikely any one else would be wearing anything like yours. amazing.