Sunglasses for Every Style

Year-round, and especially in the summer, sunglasses become an essential for your wardrobe. I find that the most useful accessories shield you from danger and make you effortlessly chic at the same time; thus it’s no surprise why I collect sunglasses.

Like your style, your sunglasses say a lot about you. While most find choosing sunglasses to be the most effortless part of the outfit, it can make a statement in its own. That’s right – I’m telling you that simply going to the cart vendors at the mall and buying a pair of knock-off Wayfarers just won’t cut it.

Even if you’re not the type to invest in a classic pair of sunglasses, stay true to the function that was intended. You wouldn’t wear a winter coat with air holes, so why wear sunglasses without UV protection? Polarized lenses provide further shield from UV rays. While most expensive sunglasses come with this protective layer, an optometrist can easily replace the lenses for you on thrift frames.

Along the topic of functionality, trends should not determine the practicality of a pair of sunglasses. “One-hit” trends, such as shutter shades, provide absolutely none of the functions of a proper sunglass.
That being said, finding the perfect investment sunglasses can be quite tricky. What kinds of clothes does your closet consist of? Match classic with classic, hip hop with hip hop. Below is a list of no-fuss suggestions to what “investment” brands you should consider:

Timeless: Ray Ban
Tshirt and jeans: Oliver People
Urban/hip hop: Billionaire Boys Club
Hollywood: Tom Ford
Business: Persol
Athlete: Oakley

Luckily most glasses are unisex and have little limitations. Remember, keep the health of your eyes at the forefront!

John Kim
Editor in Chief


  1. "While most find choosing sunglasses to be the most effortless part of the outfit..." yup, NO way!

    John Kim, this is a great post! Because my fav part is that list of investment brands to consider. Well done! I will refer back to this list!

  2. my rayban aviators just shattered into a million pieces last week.. i am still in mourning :'( and this makes me nostalgic...

  3. @zara, happened to me... check out They have really cool vintage sunglasses.

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  7. What great Sunglasses you have featured here. THese are all great styles for summer. Thank you for posting.

  8. nice info to all above me...
    I use sunglasses too, coz I'm a Biker, and that help me a lot

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    I visit your site and know about your site really it is a good site.You define that especially in the summer, sunglasses become an essential for your wardrobe.I am excited to know more about it.Thank you