Toppy :: Asia's leader in Style for All Ages

High quality, gorgeous, and pricey. For people that have vacationed around Hong Kong, the UK, Taiwan, or Singapore, the names Episode, Jessica, Color18, and Weekend Workshop should not sound unfamiliar. Founded around 30 years ago, Toppy has expanded rapidly in the fashion realm, becoming a prominent leader in style. Episode, Jessica, Color18, and Weekend Workshop are all brands under Toppy, but each caters to a different audience and different styles. 

Episode is a fan favorite among middle aged women, while Jessica belongs to those in their late 20s and 

Color18, from 18 and older, and 

Weekend Workshop from as young as 16. 

People that happen to stop by the countries mentioned before, be sure to check these brands out! Their current summer fashion is simple and chic and if you’re lucky you may be able to find your favorite designer pieces on sale! Be sure to check out their website.

Arting Chang
BARE Reporter

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  1. you should teach me how you got those pictures off that website ahhh! I had to get lame pictures from google cause it didn't let me capture anything :-/