BARE Staffers' Summer Street Styles

Spotted: BARE photographer, Albert Treat, on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay in a simple AE Brown Tee and Fossil Aviators. Perfect look for cruising. 

Me in a Wilfred neon silk tank, Dita sunglasses and studded gladiators. Perfect look for a brunch by the beach.

Send me your summer look to!

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. It seems to me that posting pictures of yourself and a fellow reporter in this manner is disingenuous and amateur. Don't get me wrong—I like what BARE's been doing, but I feel you shouldn't feature yourself in a publication for which you work and write. It'd be different if you were exploring the staff's style at BARE, but in the past these Street Styles are (supposedly) random people who looked smart that day.

  2. i'd have to agree, i thought that was kinda odd.

  3. Then let's all send our favorite summer outfits to Karen. It seems a bit unfair to criticize when they don't get any help from readers. Am I right?

  4. Thanks for all your comments! I will take that into consideration in the future. Just to clarify, this post was meant as a post of showing BARE staffer's personal styles. And, our Streetstyles in the past and will continue be people we spot on the streets.

    As well, I look forward to receiving e-mails from you all!

  5. That IS a great look for cruising! Ya, good to give feedback, but I think it's fine... after all it IS bare magazine's blog - staff members are definitely sort of part of that, no?

  6. I think it's great content and a great idea. BARE has some of the best dressed people at CAL so why not show it off? The street styles in the past have been great, and aren't exclusive, after all, BARE staffers are still a part of Berkeley. Plus, it shows what the staff is up to and where they're going.