Botanical Garden Green Gala :: Garden Party Fundraiser

For the fashion-conscious as well as environmentally-aware among us, the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden is hosting a Green Gala Garden Party. The event hosted on June 28th from 2pm - 5 pm at the Redwood Grove Amphitheeatre in the Botanical Gardens will include a fashion show. 

The fashion show will showcase green designs by local designers and there will be displays of plants that give natural dyes. Besides fundraising, the garden wishes to promote "sustainable fashion, local organic food, biodynamic wine... in a greenest setting -- a botanical garden". Tickets for the gala are $95 and $115 at the door, and spaces are limited. So visit the Garden on the day to show your support!

For pre-ordering, call the garden at 510-643-7265


  1. Ahhh too expensive for students. :(

  2. Oooh! Oh my gosh this looks beautiful! I love the flyer. Will BARE cover it? Can't go myself... And anyway WAYY pricey for a student like me! =)

  3. You could also throw in some solar powered string lights