A More Neutral Trend

Photo from The Satorialist

Lately we have been seeing more neutral, khaki pieces. Although at first glance it reminded me of my school uniform back when I was a child, with its bad cutting and huge pockets, this century's khaki has been modernized and fresh new khaki-inspired looks have been worn by fashionistas around the world.

Photo from Chictopia

With a balanced use of khaki, our very own, Connie Wang shows off a casual, professional yet chic look.

Photo from NYMag

Alexander Wang, Vena Cava, and Albertus Swanepoel design inspiring khaki pieces for this year's Gap's Design Editions series. My favorite use of khaki is Vena Cava's khaki dresses with the fun black details.

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. Connie looks so good! xx

  2. Connie!! You so pretty!! I thought that picture of you was already in NYC, then I say the Le Roy and Hearst, and was like darn... can't wait to follow your adventures in NYC girl!! Hope you're having an amazing time!!