One Blazer, Three Looks

We all know that this season is all about the boyfriend blazer. But, how do you find the perfect blazer with the perfect shoulder pads, the perfect length that just covers half of your bum, and the perfect pocket? That is an answer that you have to find for yourself by trying it on yourself. It may take one try or ten, but one thing is for certain, when you do find the perfect fit, don't let it go!

Once you do find that perfect blazer, here are some ideas of how to wear it, day and night.

Try pairing it with a pair of denim shorts that are just a little longer than the blazer, adding a nice detailed trim to the look. 

Need something for an afternoon lunch. Try pairing it with a soft flowing skirt.

Ready for a dinner party or a night out with the girls, pair with a simple dress and heels.

How would you wear your boyfriend blazer?

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. OH MY gosh!!! Karen you look SO hot girl! I love your short hair, when did you get that done!? Love the boyfriend blazer!!

  2. Thanks Doreen =) I cut it right when I got home, decided that I needed a change.