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A couple of weeks back, BARE Magazine was honored to guest blog for our friends at Shoetube, sharing with readers Berkeley's summer trends. Today, the lovely Shoetube's Blog Editor Wendy Toth, who I'd like to call an eBay guru, manages the eBay Addict section of Shoetube and is here with BARE to share with us some of her new finds.

My personal start-of-summer ritual always begins with a really pulpy paperback and ends with a light new pair of kicks. But after devouring the Twilight series in the spring, I was afraid nothing could top the vamp-induced trance I wanted to recreate on the beach. Enter Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic waitress, vampire-lover, and my fictional summertime muse.

Sure tons of people picked up
Dead Until Dark, the first in a series of supernatural books set in sweaty Louisiana, ages ago, but I think now is the perfect time. True Blood, the HBO show based on the hot novels, is in the beginning of it's second season, giving me the perfect excuse to immerse myself in page-turners, season one episodes and season two spoilers. I'm all about Sookie.

It doesn't hurt that the adorable Anna Paquin plays her character, a petite blond with a penchant for short summer dresses paired with platform sandals, sling-back kitten heels and girly sneakers. All her styles are summer-y, sexy, and timeless, perfect for a gal with a civil war- era boyfriend. And well, perfect for another gal in search of summer shoes to take me through every situation of the season on a very tight budget.

With Sookie's style on my mind I turned to a funky vintage eBay boutique with plenty of southern charm,
Elvis Really Rocks. My top picks from this aptly-named store:

Bone peep-toe sling backs with a heel low enough for strolling but high enough to get some attention:

Red hot canvas Keds with a pebbled sole and braided trim:

Prim navy Hopsack tennis shoes with thick jute soles:

Rope and leather braided sandals with wooden heels:

Now I'm not so sure Sookie would go for these chunky, laid-back, 70s suede cut-out sandals. But they seem like sweet shoes for summer reading.

Many Thanks to,

Wendy Toth
Shoetube Blog Editor


  1. The Keds and Hopsack are awesome

  2. Thanks! I've been really into finding pairs with jute soles this summer. I never really noticed that detail before but now I can't get enough.