Chictopia Meet-Up & Clothing Swap

Chictopia is having their first ever Meet-Up & Clothing Swap event!

Perhaps this Saturday you'll meet Nancy, our beloved Marketing Director and a current intern at Chictopia- I'd love to swap something for those tights she's wearing.

This Saturday, July 25th, the Chictopia Team will be in Dolores Park in San Francisco from 2-5 pm for a clothing swap! Now that is what I call an exciting event! As well, this is a perfect opportunity to meet the Chictopians you're always following that give you inspirations and exchange clothes that you're bored of.

And if you didn't know already, BARE Magazine is also on Chictopia! Follow us here.

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor

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  1. Ooh that would've been so much fun to attend! Go Nancy!