Help Stop Fashion Piracy Now!

Designs by UC Berkeley's FAST designers during last semester's PLAYgreen Festival.

As a fully student produced fashion magazine on UC Berkeley campus, we fully understand and appreciate the time and creativity put into the work of designers and artists. Piracy in the fashion industry is omnipresent and copyright laws to protect designs must be created and enforced to protect these artists.

An SF based organization, Arts of Fashion Foundation advocates for the development of copyright laws to protect designers. We urge all those in support of Fashion and Design to help push for a Design Piracy Prohibition act that will safeguard the "creative potential" of current and future designers, giving "US fashion industry a true future". Currently they are circulated an online petition to endorse the Design Piracy Prohibition Act that will be presented to Congress. Please find the petition here and help support the fashion industry.

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  1. If the implementation of this bill would actually protect small, independent and up and coming designers, then I'd be all for it. Unfortunately, the passage of said bill does not offer protection by it's very existence. Just like any other law, the one's 'protected' by it will be those with the deep pockets to afford teams of lawyers at $250+ per hour. How many independents do you know with that in the budget?

    I strongly urge you to read the scenario outlined on Fashion Incubator, which I've quoted on my own blog,
    Kathleen Fasenella has been a tireless champion of designer entrepreneurs, offering the kind of nuts and bolts advice about the reality of starting a business that you don't get in design school.

    Trust me, this implementation of this legislation will only serve to create a bureaucratic obstacle course that will give the corporatocracy even more of a monopoly on fashion than it already has