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BARE Magazine had a chance to do an interview with Tony Hsieh, CEO of and Eileen Lewis, Zappos' Director of Fashion Strategy.

If you've never heard of Zappos, this is your chance to get to know the Best #1 company in terms of customer service. Fortune Magazine also rated it as “100 Best Companies To Work For”. I’ve been told stories, and I’m sure there’s a gazillion others, about the superiority of their service! A friend of mine told me someone actually called Zappos to order some pizza (making the long story short) and although Zappos is a retailer, the customer rep had pizza delivered to the house. I know, right? Even if this didn’t happen, the fact a story like this exists goes to show their dedication in providing the best service to customers, like you and me.

The story above might have stemmed from the fact that Tony had a pizza business in college before launching in 1999. Zappos is huge on delivering happiness to customers and employees.

How do you decide on your merchandise? Are you selective, or is it just based on the brands you know that can sell?
We look at what the customers are asking for as well as the next hottest trends so that we always have what the customers what.

Do you track what the top brands or fashions are, and how?
Yes, we constantly shop the market internationally as well as all of the media available to us.

Why did they decide to expand into clothing and jewelry?
We want to deliver a better customer experience by having everything that our customers would need to complete the look. These were natural categories to go into next based on their volume on the web. We also sell bags, watches, eyewear, beauty, etc

Can you tell us, based on your data, what one or two top trends are for the summer?

For Clothing: Feminine Print and Bermuda Shorts

Buy at
For Jewelry: Bug Jewelry and Leather Wrap Bracelets

Buy at

Their site offers everything, and trust me on their superb service! If you don't believe me, check them out for yourself! Also, Tony is very active with his Zappos and the public community, here's his twitter: Don't forget to follow @Baremagazine too!

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  1. Dylan M. - Zappos EmployeeJuly 4, 2009 at 8:21 AM

    We love Eileen and Tony! Our culture's not to shabby either ;) By the way, I have to admit that we haven't ordered pizza for a customer, but we did end up finding 24 hour pizza places in California to help a caller out at 2am. It's all about service, whether they're a customer or someone just needs help, we're here to WOW! Thank you for posting this great interview with Tony and Eileen!

  2. Omg!!! BARE!???!?? Interview with the CEO of Zappos, that's incredible!! Keep rockin'; great interview, albeit short and sweet!