Jason Wu :: "I'm My Worst Critic"

As the inaugural madness from Michelle Obama's evening dress fails to die down, Jason Wu is undoubtedly one of the only few designers actually expanding in this economy. It's a treat whenever a designer as successful as he exposes himself to the public. Inspirations, shame, and flaws are always evident even in the best in the business. That's why BARE is mesmerized by the words that designer Jason Wu writes for The Times UK. Almost like a biography, without the hours of reading long-ended sentences. His imperfections surely make him a true visionary, and that is why the world is so fascinated by his work.

Read his full article for The Times UK

John Kim

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  1. He's a wonderful writer too. Such a glimpse into his life, that is so real and normal almost. Yet he's an incredibly talented young man, and so down-to-earth at the same time. I absolutely loved this piece, thank you for sharing!