SF Fashion Awards :: Vote Karen Kwok for BARE Mag!

Calling all BARE supporters! Vote now!

The Second Annual San Francisco Fashion Awards will be held on July 26th at Hotel Phoenix Bambuddha Lounge. Get your tickets now to meet fellow SF fashionistas, watch a fashion show and browse through a trunk sale.

Don't forget to vote! The online voting system will be closed July 9th 6pm.

Please scroll down to near the middle and you'll see me, Karen Kwok for BARE Magazine under Best Blogger! BARE Magazine is a student-run magazine on UC Berkeley campus that is here to bring you news and updates from all over the globe in a SF Bay perspective.

Please continue to support BARE and I promise that I'll continue to bring great content to our blog.

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. Keep going Karen! I'm so proud of you!!! BARE is a really amazing magazine and the blog is a great outlet for Berkeley and students, and covers SF and Berkeley fashions, and worldwide trends, wonderfully. It's a gift to our Cal community. Keep up the great work!!

  2. One of our competitors Amy Leblanc from Intellectual Properties posted a nasty/back-handed post about BARE! Not sure if you saw it. http://www.amyleblanc.com/2009/07/ppssst

    I just think she was not accurate at all! I tried to comment on her post directly, but I don't think she will enable it (I'm not seeing it up there at all yet)! Here is what I wrote to her anyway, because I think it does deserves a response!

    "BARE really does support independent fashion a lot (for example you can see tons of posts online (and in the magazine itself too, which is really spectacular) about independent designers and events in SF), here are just a few of the many examples that could be seen: http://blog.baremagazine.org/2009/04/josie-adele-green-jewelry.html, http://blog.baremagazine.org/2009/06/sale-alert-aritzia-san-francisco.html, http://blog.baremagazine.org/2009/03/shop-vintage-on-haight-street.html, http://blog.baremagazine.org/2009/04/sf-academy-of-art-graduation-fashion.html

    But, I think what is amazing about BARE, and why I am really proud to be a part of it and hope that Karen and the BARE blog do win this award, is because it's really about giving Cal students this amazing opportunity to connect with fashion - at home here in SF and Berkeley and the Bay Area, and on a world-wide scale, interviewing the CEO of Zappos for example or going to New York Fashion Week.

    I have always been passionate so thoroughly about fashion and style, and I never in a million years thought there would be an outlet for me at Cal to express that or bond with other students who love fashion too. I think BARE is a really amazing contribution as a publication to the SF Bay Area, to students at Cal, and beyond, so I definitely think it is something that BARE would deserve to win greatly!

    Anyway, good luck to everyone from all the publications as they are all great and all really contribute in such a positive way I think to the SF-based fashion culture. Just thought I would "Speak my mind" about this post anyway."

  3. I'm very touched by all your support! Thank you and I hope to help let everyone in cyberspace know about BARE's spirit. Fashion, no matter local or international, can come and spread from a little place called Berkeley even though it has never been attributed to being fashion forward place.

    BARE Magazine is definitely a forum where local meets global! Continue supporting and VOTE KAREN KWOK at http://sanfranciscofashionawards.com/index.php?/online-voting/test-testing-micropoll/

    With Love,

    Karen Kwok