BARE attends FIDM's 4th Annual Outstanding Art of TV Costume Design Exhibition

Fellow BARE Staffer, Beatrice Eyales was honored to attend FIDM's 4th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibition Opening Gala. She is here to share with our beloved BARE readers the first look into one of the major highlights of her summer:

As an aspiring Mass Communications/Anthropology double-major, I've decided to dedicate a part of my summer interning for the University of California, Los Angeles' Fowler Museum. For about two months now, I've been working under the Communications and Marketing Department of one of the most well-regarded cultural museums in Los Angeles, finding that the position was more than ideal for someone like me because it provided a space for the meeting of my two major passions: communications and cultural anthropology. Little did I know that it would reach out to my love for fashion as well.

Sometime in early July, my boss Stacey, well-aware of my work for BARE Magazine and in Berkeley, handed to me what to Charlie would have been the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory--a formal invitation to FIDM's Annual Opening Gala. I remember it clearly: walking into her office on a Tuesday morning and seeing the invitation sitting on her desk with a yellow post-it note stuck on top of it that read "For Beatrice". She sat there smiling and it was almost impossible to suppress the excitement, which consumed me at that very moment.

The first three thoughts in my head: (1) Opening gala, (2) What to wear? (3) What to wear, what to wear, what to wear?

The event was held on the 25th of July at the FIDM courtyard and it was nothing short of magnificent. Everywhere were standing tables, mini salad and pasta buffets, open bars, shades of white, brown, orange and vermillion found in every centerpiece, every tablecloth, every piece of drapery used. And the people! The courtyard was filled with the hustle and bustle of a spirited crowd and was studded with some of LA's most respected fashion connoisseurs and socialites, all mingling and toasting to each other, excited from either what they have seen or what they have yet to see in the exhibit.

I was excited to socialize, of course (because, with such a crowd, who wouldn't?), but I wanted to make sure I saw the exhibition first. The costumes were, after all, the main attraction of the event.

Dim and dramatic lighting eased one through the gallery and, upon visiting, guests are immediately welcomed into the exhibit by an actual Emmy trophy nestled inside a plexiglass case. And, as I walked on to see the first of the set of costumes on display, lo and behold who greets me first: Coco Chanel. The first costume set on display featured original Chanel pieces used in the filming of "Coco Chanel" (2008) for Lifetime Television. On display were suits, shoes, necklaces, head pieces and hats all in shades of cream, white, and classic Chanel black. The attention to detail alone was stunning. The costume designers for the movie paid very close attention to everything the characters wore--from the hats on their heads to the shoes on their feet--and the mannequins donning the much-coveted attires attested well to the fact that even a simple string of pearls can completely transform an outfit. The costume set exuded that sense of timelessness and elegance often associated with Chanel and the classicality which the house had always been known for.

Beatrice Eyales
BARE Staffer

Stay tuned for more from FIDM's 4th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibition Opening Gala, featuring the Tudors, Gossip Girl, The L word, Grey Gardens and The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency!


  1. I really have to go see this exhibit at FIDM! My friends and I went to visit the FIDM L.A campus a month ago and I have an interview with an advisor there next week so what perfect timing!!! I love The Tudors and I heard they have the costumes there...Jonathan Ryes Myers is stunning and the costumes look to die for! Coco Chanel is by far one of my favorite designers!!! The movie is a must see!

  2. This looked like a great event! Was it for designers only?I love fashion and i wish i could attend more seminars and programs. Thanks for sharing?

  3. They look fabulously chic! Love those gorgeous suits. It always amazes me where costume designers get their ideas. Very creative!