Cupcake Between Classes

Photo from Cupkates

The past few years have brought about the rise of gourmet cupcake bakeries like Sprinkles Cupcakes in Los Angeles, Magnolia Bakery in NYC, and Tea Cake in Emeryville; and ever since, cupcakes have become fashion's go-to dessert. For busy college students like us, it is often difficult to make it all the way out to a cupcake bakery for one of these delicious snacks. Luckily for us, the Bay Area has it's first ever mobile cupcake bakery, "Cupkates" and it stops right here in Berkeley! You may have spotted Cupkates launch at Caltopia last week, and now we are lucky enough to be graced with their presence at both Bancroft and Telegraph as well as in Downtown Berkeley on a weekly basis!

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Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


  1. Jordan! This is so amazing.
    Good to know I don't have to haul my butt all the way to Emeryville to get decent cupcakes. FINALLY! You'll see me there every week! :)

  2. Oh Jordan! You would be the one to know about this!

  3. Omg that's hilarious! It's like this new fad they're doing with the kobe beef taco trucks in LA and NYC. Yay!

  4. This is the best news I've heard since...well I don't even know when! Yet, it is equally the worst! How on earth will pants fit if cupcakes are so readily available!?

  5. Much closer than Emeryville (and much more pleasant) is Love at First Bite, just north of campus.