FIDM's TV Costume Design Exhibition :: Gossip Girl

Rounding the corner of the gallery, I find a younger group huddled in front of the next costume set and only when the crowd thinned that it became explicit why the set was an immediate favorite. The next collection on display came straight out of CW's "Gossip Girl". There, before me, were the lifeless and frozen versions of everybody's favorite group of treacherous and scheming well-to-dos. The set featured the pieces we've all come to know and love these Upper-East-Siders for: Chuck's bold-colored suit (and bowtie, of course!),

Blair's headbands,

"Glam-rock-noir" (and black tights), Jenny,

and Serena's rolled-up blazers.

The characters have become so popularized by their individual fashion tastes that it comes as no challenge knowing which mannequin is who (at least for those who religiously follow the TV series, as I do). I must admit, though, that I was not at all impressed by Nate's attire which I found bland, boring, and completely unimaginative. The Nate mannequin was garbed with a plain navy pin-striped suit and a tie.

Who's your favorite Upper East Sider?

Beatrice Eyales
BARE Reporter


  1. It's all about serena being deliberately edgy and rough&eady :)
    If you get a moment, please check out my blog :) I'd really appreciate any feedback on how to improve it :)

  2. Great post, thanks for all the pictures.

  3. Gossip Girl! My guilty pleasure!! I cant wait for it to come back and Im actually applying to FIDM this fall and have an interview next week so perfect timing to see the musuem!! I wish I could have a closet with nothing but Blaires and Serenas clothes!!! Dont you?

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  5. Such a good show to base a clothing line on!