Target Back To School Event

For the first time ever, Target's Back to School event has come to UC Berkeley to welcome our Class of 2013! I was able to sit down with Target Spokesperson Leah Guimond to ask her a few questions about the event.

Q. Who came up with this idea?
A. Target has been partnering with colleges for the past 10 years.

Q. Is this event a UC Berkeley or Target sponsored event?
A. It is a Target-sponsored event for UC Berkeley campus Welcome Week.

Q. They actually shut down the store just for UC Berkeley students? What do we need to bring/ to do in order to participate?
A. Target is hosting a private shopping party for freshmen at 36 universities around the country as part of Welcome Week festivities. During the event, students will be able to shop and buy everything they need from beauty products and fashion pieces to dorm furnishings from more than a dozen Target designer brands. The UC Berkeley event will take place on Thursday, Aug. 27, from 10:30p.m.-12:30a.m, and is exclusively for incoming freshmen. The shopping event is a great way to welcome students to campus, help them meet new people and ease their transition to college life. Shopping events also provide students the opportunity to stock up on food and housing essentials they need. Students must show their Cal ID as well as submit a waiver form when boarding the bus.

Q. How many years has this event gone on for?
A. Target Back-to-College Shopping Events have taken place over 10 years at many different universities across the country. This year there are a total of 36 schools holding this event and it is the first year the event is taking place at UC Berkeley

The UC Berkeley event is on August 27th 1030pm. Take this opportunity to get all your back-to-school gear. For more information, visit their Facebook page

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. Wow cool! I've never heard of this before. That's awesome you got an interview. Might go to this actually, sounds pretty convenient!

  2. Freshman only? Ugh. They're not the only students moving--and they probably have family to help, lucky them!

  3. It's targeted towards freshman, but all Cal students are welcome, be sure to check their facebook page for more info =)