American Apparel Warehouse Flea Market at SFSU

We all love American Apparel but sometimes we don't want to spend $25 on a cotton t-shirt. Luckily, American Apparel treats it's loyal customers to flea market sales where they mark down hundreds of styles to dirt cheap! This has mostly taken place at the AA factory in Los Angeles, but now it will be coming to the Bay! Next Tuesday, head over to San Francisco State University and check this out! You will have to dig through piles of glittery tights and neon t-shirts but the possibilities are endless (not to mention cheap Halloween staples)!

To get to SFSU, take BART to Daly City and take the free SFSU shuttle directly to campus or take BART to downtown San Francisco and switch to Muni Line M Outbound and get off at SFSU!

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter

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