Bedri Baykam :: Expressing the Chaos in Our Life

Yesterday, a few fellow art hopefuls and I went to the Alphonse Berber Gallery to check out the Bedri Baykam exhibition entitled “A New Page: Painting in the 4th Dimension.”

Using holograms much like the prizes you get in a Cracker Jack box, artist Bedri Baykam featured an exhibit of paintings that made sense to the chaos we try to comprehend on a daily basis. Each painting was a collage of themes: Obama and Ghandi were joined by other peace makers, while another painting pieced together the evolution of Coca Cola over history. Undoubtedly everyone can connect to Baykam’s paintings and get lost in the 4th Dimension. Characters popup from the canvas to reveal more than what’s on the surface, and forces you to look into the levels.

This mind-boggling exhibit is open until October 17, 2009 at the Alphonse Berber Gallery, located near Bancroft Clothing. Experience for yourself the new dimension of art that is sure to challenge your creative palette.

John Kim


  1. I saw this exhibit already! It's really fun because you feel like the figures in the artworks are coming out at you and you want to touch them. It makes you feel like you are part of each piece!

  2. Brilliant exhibition !