Bubblegum Isn’t Just To Chew

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Spring is the essence of fun and vibrant colors and that is definitely what Mulberry brought to the table this spring ‘10. Full of kaleidoscope prints and bubblegum colors, Mulberry’s spring line is a throwback to those childhood days of eating ice-cream in the sun but, of course, with an edge. They even had dogs work the runway to go along with the free-spirited theme! Denim jackets, coats and dresses with a vintage wash, fringed detail, and moccasins: the hippie movement is mixed in with the innocent pieces. Of course a Berkeley girl has to love the edgy, hippie look! Bows mixed with constructed denim pants, ruffly, flowing tops, and sweet cardigans-these good-girl outfits make up for the bad girl in all us.

Amaris Montes
BARE Reporter

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