Cal Street Style :: Another Great Use of Feathers

You may have seen Steph's use of a single feather as an ear accessory, but Katie shows us how you can work feathers on both ears too!

Katie, 2nd yr. Comparative Literature

Gina Harris
BARE Reporter


  1. Holy shit, do we really have style icons on this campus? It's incredible. That head of hair, the feather earrings, the stunning shade of green which just perfectly fits a redhead, it looks like she is ready for a photo shoot with that smart dictionary. Oh, and may I add that I don't believe she's wearing a bra... which is SO a la mode, it's ridiculous. We'll done BARE! And Katie. This IS fashion. Berkeley has it!

  2. this girl always looks amazing!! love it!

  3. I had Katie in a class of mine last semester and her outfits were consistently chic. Kudos to you Katie!

  4. isn't she seriously cute??? love love that she's holding a Shakespeare dictionary!