Cal Street Style :: Chelsey

At first glance, anyone can tell that Chelsey’s look is very chic and relaxed. Even more cool is that her look is totally functional.

Chelsey is a junior transfer studying Media Studies. Like many Cal students, she rides a bicycle to get around. She told me that she likes wearing clothes that are easy to ride a bike in, “biking should not have to make you wear sweatpants”; she reiterates that you can still be feminine and stylish even if you cycle.

When I asked her about which piece she likes best, she said it is the Urban Outfitters crop-top, which she got on sale! Her roomy slouch bag is also from Urban Outfitters.

So for all you bikers who sacrifice style for transportation, follow Chelsey’s example and don’t sacrifice anything!

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter

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