Fashion Blogs to Watch

I'm a fashion blog junkie. Just look at my Google Reader Trends page. (Google Reader is a blog syndicator and Trends keeps track of the number of blogs you follow and posts you’ve read.) I currently follow 142 blogs, 135 of which are fashion-related. In the past month, I’ve read about 1400 fashion posts, which is about 47 per day. This is actually not a bad thing because I can tell you lovely readers about the eye-popping, noodle-scratching, or just-plain-strange fashion blogs you may or may not have ever heard of.

So begins my list of Fashion Blogs to Watch. (Fashion Blog Watcher’s General Warning: I do not list blogs like
Style Bubble, Sea of Shoes, and similar blogs which are listed in the BARE blogroll at the bottom right. They certainly are good reads, but not-so-secret nonetheless.)

Staples for life
the fashion void that is DC: Definitely fits under the peculiar category. I often don’t understand her fashion choices, but admire her just the same.
Garbage Dress: A globe-trekking, once SF resident. Knows how to wear black and a fan of the stud.
Jak & Jil Blog: This will change your life. Seriously. Street-wear blog portraying the fashion industry’s finest.

Icing on the cake
Cheap Thrills: Amazing photography. If that doesn’t sell you, her great style will.
The Divinitus: Drapery, drapery, drapery! It’s what she does best. Highly recommended.
lulu and your mom: A Bay Area local. Known for towering platforms and cheetah print. Good read.
Too Many Tights!: I don’t even like leggings very much, but I love this site!

Global street-wear
Moscow Street Fashion: In one post, a woman is wearing a muff over hands, like in Madeline. Need I say more?
The SF Style: Essential for all Bay Area residents.
Stockholm Street Style: All I got to say is that these Swedes know what’s up.

BARE readers, I’ve shared by favorites. Now, you tell me your top fashion blogs!

Brittany Curran
BARE Reporter


  1. omg, this post is wonderful. thank you soooo much, i have a minor obsession with russia so i am super excited about the moscow style blog

    some of my favorites (that are unmentioned in this post) are which is kim kardashian's stylist, she has an amazing aesthetic and posts the greatest photoshoots (and she made me realize how fabulous kimmie k always looks

    and i also love
    she posts the the most amazing stuff, fabulous shoes and accessories. she dresses how i would dress if i were a girl. :/

    :) :)

  2. I got to check the Monica Rose one out! Kingdom of Style is great!

  3. For the guys...Tweed & Velvet and Manshion are worth checking out. The authors generally tend to steer readers away from excessive trendiness and towards classics that you won't be tossing into a Goodwill bin in six months.

  4. Awww, we feel privileged to have made your short list!


    Dyanna Pure (TheSFStyle)

  5. I knd of have a thing for weird fashion-related blogs. So much so that I've started a "Profoundly Strange Fashion Blogs" blogroll on my own blog.

    Here are my two favorites for the "weirdies" list:

    Accidental Fresh
    Should be on the Nanny