Food Junkies at "Tut at Twilight" Event

Take a break from studying and head over to the de Young Museum in San Francisco next week because King Tut’s in town! For you fashion junkies out there, the King Tutankhamen exhibit displays complex and spectacular accessories gilded in gold and decorated with semi-precious stones; prepare to be inspired in any of the ten gallery rooms dedicated to the exhibit!

I got a chance to visit the museum last night and enjoyed the exhibit, but what I loved most was the special ‘Tut at Twilight’ event offered on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. In addition to discounted admission into the exhibit, the Museum café offered a special prix fixe menu that highlighted the local flavors of the Bay Area. This three-course adventure left my taste buds and wallet singing praises. For fourteen dollars, I enjoyed a ‘trio tasting’ sampler of red bell pepper & citrus hummus with toasted saffron couscous, pita chips, and a rich and velvety roasted green leaf zucchini and squash soup.

The next course featured a tender, red-wine braised short-rib served with caramelized fall veggies and Mission fig jam.

For dessert, we finished it off with decadent panna cotta, an Italian custard-like dessert, infused with cardamom and served with vanilla syrup, orange snap, and dark chocolate brittle.

The presentation of each course was like an art piece itself, and the portions were enough to leave me satisfied. The Tut at Twilight Café menu is one that I would recommend to all, and is a perfect way to spend an autumn evening with friends. The King Tut exhibit is here until March 28, 2010, but the Tut at Twilight event ends next Wednesday, so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity! For more information and planning tips, check out the Tut at Twilight website at

Anisha Hingorani
BARE Reporter


  1. I need to see this exhibit! Although I saw King Tut when he came to LACMA in LA, the exhibit is definitely worth seeing twice.