Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival!

One of our fellow BARE Staffer, Katie Sarna was able to intern at Ghirardelli Square this summer and played a huge role in planning the upcoming Chocolate Festival!

Ghirardelli Square is holding it's 14th Annual Chocolate Festival this weekend. From 12-5 each day there will be over 35 vendors sampling everything from chocolate to cookies to cupcakes to tea. There will even be Chocolate Martinis! $20 dollar tickets grant you 15 samples. Profits go to Project Open Hand, a non-profit organization that gives food to the homeless, elderly, and AIDs patients in San Fransico.

Who knows who you'll see in the Ice Cream Sundae Eating Contest? Maybe one of our very own BARE staffers?

For more information visit
Ghirardelli Square's website.

Katie Sarna
BARE Reporter

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  1. this sounds divine, how could this much chocolate be anything other than that?