One of a Kind Shopping Experience :: LF

As much as I love shopping in Westfield and Union Square, the streets of Market and Powell are always compacted with hoards of people walking around with bags and cameras in their hands. In short, this area, although convenient, is often suffocating and hectic. I suppose this is why my fellow executive member and dear friend Jordan Silver, suggested to take the 45 bus to Union Street where LF is!

My goodies from my first trip to LF

I did not share the same enthusiasm to this store until I walked into my first LF experience. Basically, I died. First of all, the shirts, the dresses, the jeans, and the shoes were too much for me to take in all at once. The best part of the experience is that LF is having one of only two of their annual sales that they host. Everything is 60% off while the jeans are $48 and their amazing shorts are only $38. And when I say everything, I mean everything is on sale (well, the Spring collection at least). We were definitely the kids in the candy store of beautiful prints, vibrant colors, unique shapes, and comfortable fabric. The best part about this store is that any woman, young or old, with any kind of style or preference for clothes can definitely shop at LF—there is something for everyone. LF is pure shopping heaven. So if you have time this week or this weekend, Go, Go, Go to LF! You will not be let down.

To get to LF, exit Powell Bart. Then, Take the 45 bus for about 20 minutes outbound until you reach Laguna St and Union St. LF is located at 1870 Union St. SF, CA 94123.

Patricia Kim
PR Director


  1. i knew you would love this store, it's truly the best and since it's the only one in SF, it's truly a hidden treasure. soooo worth it, i die every time i'm in there and i would seriously consider a sex change for that store i'm NOT gonna lie.

    tricia, you look fabulous and this article's amazing we must must must go back!

  2. Those shoes look amazing too! I hope they weren't too hard to walk in

  3. I saw you wearing those shoes yesterday at meeting but I was chatting and missed you leaving and I wanted to tell you, "Gah!! Those shoes are hotttt girl!!" I'm so glad you posted on this! Those shoes are just something!!

  4. I'm going right now! :)