Saitowitz Architecture at Cal

Design: Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects INC.

UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design unfurled its latest exhibition featuring Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Stanley Saitowitz and Natoma Architects Inc. This highly energetic exhibition features contemporary architectural projects and promotes an intelligent eye for the future of design. Projects presented include work from abroad as well as local bay area context. The exhibition will be on display all week in the College of Environmental Design in the lobby of Wurster. Explore the excitement of design brought to UC Berkeley as the College of Environmental Design celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Ivan Nicholas Cisneros
BARE Reporter


  1. This exhibit is awesome! I randomly walked by the exhibit space after my City Planning class and accidentally tripped on one of the displays they were still putting up... because as I was walking I was too busy looking at the architecture images they had already put up that I wasn't watching where I was going! Thank goodness I didn't leave any footprints!

  2. That wouldn't have been good at all! good thing you didnt =)