Spotted: Skirt for Fall

Location: Mars Mercantile, 2398 Telegraph Avenue

This skirt, in the window of Mars Mercantile on Telegraph Ave. looks perfect for fall Berkeley days. Just imagine: the morning fog from the bay rolling onto campus, walking to class with hot Peet’s coffee, some Arcade Fire in your ears, and rocking this rich brown number with ripped tights, a fitted leather jacket, and an extra-long knit scarf. My 8AM classes would be a breeze.

Devyn White
BARE Reporter


  1. Ooo, love it with those white boots! But does anyone actually buy shoes vintage? Seems like it'd be hard to fit right, or maybe just be a little nasty considering someone else wore those a long time ago =/

  2. it's cute! it can definitely be worked with in different ways. i love the wolf backdrop and the peacock feather, animal inspiration for fall is one of my new favorite things :)

  3. Do you remember the days when Mars had amazing window displays? Yeah, it's been a while.