Swap Not Shop :: This Saturday in Oakland!

Homeygrown’s biannual clothing exchange, “Swap Not Shop,” is coming to Oakland this Saturday, 9/19. “Swap Not Shop” provides the time and place for people to exchange used items ranging from clothing to non-perishable foods to household items. A silk screening service is even provided to allow attendees to personalize their “new” things. It’s welcome to all ages, but if you’re 21 and over, be prepared to enjoy $1 drinks. All you have to bring are $5, a bag of items and an open mind! The event is taking place at Soundwave Studios at 222 Wood St., Oakland, CA. For more information on what you can and can’t bring, visit www.swapnotshop.info.

Lyka Sethi
BARE Reporter

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  1. Great find! We need to know about more events like this in the Bay Area!