Art is Alive in Berkeley!

Berkeley seems to have its own sense of style and culture, but where does this uniqueness come from? When we take a close look around our community, we realize that it is the city itself and its embrace of art that creates such a creative and different sensibility of style and culture. On our campus and greater community, there are hundreds of galleries, theaters, concerts, and other artistic experiences that enrich our taste whether we are realizing it or not. Most beautifully, the art we experience in Berkeley is not limited to just pop and modern art that our Y Generation is expected to surround ourselves with. On campus we can experience the incredible University Symphony Orchestra playing Overture from La Forza Del Destino (Giuseppe Verdi 1813-1905) and our very own Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive exhibiting Fernando Botero’s The Abu Ghraib Series. Just down the road at the Berkeley Repertory Theater you can see Green Day’s premier punk rock musical American Idiot.

The University Symphony Orchestra showcased their talent to students and community members this past Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26, 2009 in Hertz Concert Hall. Fourth year Michelle Choo showcased a beautiful Violin Solo that captured the ears, attentions and hearts of every soul in the hall. The Symphony collectively exhibited skillful technique that had the listener questioning, “where is that sound coming from?” “How is this sound being created?” and “How can such a large group of people make one harmonious and inspirational sound?” To check out future concerts visit

From September 23,2009 through February 7, 2010, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) on Bancroft will showcase world renown artist Fernando Botero’s The Abu Ghraib Series. In response to the debate of military ethics and the United States as a world power after 2004 disclosure of prisoner abuse surrounding Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, Botero created a series of fifty-six panels of the atrocities that took place. Along side Botero in the BAM/PFA is international photographer Ari Marcopoulos. Self taught, Marcopolous was interested in skateboarders as his subjects. Eventually he was hired to do snow boarding shots for a magazine and have since developed a deep connection to youth athleticism and its expressive qualities. Make sure to check these two artist out before they leave on February 7, 2010! For inforation visit

Only a few blocks from campus, on 2025 Addison St., is the Berkeley Repertory Theater hosting the world premier of the Green Day inspired musical, American Idiot. Based off of Green Day’s songs, American Idiot is an exciting, modern punk rock musical that will have you tapping your feet, bobbing your head and singing along to all of the songs you once heard while your eyes visually experience a pop art, authentic set, cast and choreography. Playing from September 4 to November 1, tickets are 50% off for viewers under thirty years of age, and student rush tickets are available for $10 the original price based on availability. For more information visit
These are just a few among many different experiences that are available to us, sometimes at a cheaper price just for being a UC Berkeley student, right in our backyards so take out your Cal 1 cards, do a little bit of research and let the enrichment begin!

Julia Juong
BARE Reporter

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