BAREing It All: Internships & The Fashion Industry

The fabulous panelists pose with the moderator after the discussion! (Left to right: Pacio, Kim, Iwao, Amoruso, Park)

Last night, BARE hosted it's second BAREing It All panel. The topic was Internships & The Fashion Industry. Dozens of fashion-loving Berkeley students showed up to hear the panel of both interns and those who hire them discuss topics like how to land an internship, how to behave in an internship, and how internships are useful in obtaining your dream career in the fashion industry. Moderator, Seika Iwao, began the presentation by discussing how the current economic climate has influenced the necessity for interns in the fashion industry.

Stand out moments included the discussion of resumes and how they can make or break your chances of getting hired as an intern. Sparked by the screening of a YouTube video in which infamous fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone discusses interns, panelist Nerissa Pacio emphasized to avoid cliches and even pitch a good idea for the business in your cover letter. Pacio said that she hires interns based on "how passionate they are" and if they "have potential and show it."

Former public relations intern at Bismarck Phillips Communications and Media (and BARE Editor-in-Chief), John Kim, discussed how the work of an intern can be "physical and grueling" but it is worth it if you love what you are doing. Sophia Amoruso, panelist and owner and stylist of
Nasty Gal, agreed with John and recommended that being interested in the company you're interning for will make the internship be more productive for both the intern and the employer.

Annabel Park, who interned this year as a fashion photographer at Glamour Magazine described determination as one of the most important parts of making the internship what you want it to be. She told the audience that interning at Conde Nast was a life goal of hers and she made it happen by applying and going through a whirlwind process of applying, interviewing, and moving from Los Angeles to New York in a matter of days. She slipped her photography portfolio into a pile of professional portfolios being reviewed by a photo editor and ended up receiving valuable advice from a highly sought-after editor.

Afterwards, audience members were able to ask panelists their own questions over coffee and
cupcakes! The opportunity to attend this event was extremely useful for all students interested in interning whether it be in the fashion industry or any other business. BARE Managing Editor, Jonathan Rodriguez says, "I thought it was very interesting that every panelist from the BAREing It All panel brought a different perspective of what it means to be an intern in the fashion industry. Overall, the event was a success and was highly enjoyable! I look forward to more BAREing It All panels!"

Jonathan Rodriguez and Nancy Kim catch up and discuss the panel afterwards!

A big thank you to all of the amazing panelists, the event planner and moderator Seika Iwao, the amazing audience, and our sponsors TeaCake Bakeshop, Sephora, and Lush.

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter

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  1. The event was great! And so were the yummy cupcakes -- I got red velvet, mmm.