Blogosphere's Week in Review

Welcome back to Blogosphere’s Week in Review with your host, Brittany Curran! Today on BWR, we will be discussing the following heart-wrenching topics...

- Hairstyles worth avoiding:
the bad and the just-plain-ug-lay.
Strong shoulders: you, too, can relive the ‘80s.
- How to protect your eyes from the sun,
remaining cool while doing so.
- What to do when you’re
feeling a bit bony.
- What to expect when you
run into fashion royalty.
- The art of the
Lanvin Neckpiece.
- Wearing your
heart on your foot and other side-effects of MJIK (Marc Jacobs-Induced Kleptomania).
- Stomping around like the
King of Pop. Or just opting for a color-fading duo.
Magenta fur that will make you purr.
- And how to
look slicker than the rain itself.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of BWR when we discuss topics such as, “Life After Fashion Week: How to Accept Your Normal Life” and “The Styles of the Golden Bear: How to Dress Better than a Wooden Horse.”

Brittany Curran
BARE Reporter

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  1. What is this "styles of the golden bear"???