Blogosphere's Week in Review

Images courtesy of Annie Spandex, the fashion void that is DC, Man of Cloth, and La Mode-Retro.

Hello, BARE readers! Here is this week’s installment of Blogosphere’s Week in Review. Hope you enjoy!

- There’s a reason that Raez of Cheap Thrills has been in the
last two installments of BWR: she’s bomb. Last time we saw her, she dazzled us with black lipstick. Now she’s going two-toned.
- Want to revive your shoe collection? Go for something
geometric or even metallic.
- This one’s for the men: treat your feet to some
Asos or Dolce & Gabbana.
- Listen to tunes
in style. But please, PLEASE don’t attempt to do so with a ‘do like this.
Mini-Karl, anyone?
- Remember all those pretty pictures of the universe you saw in Intro to Astronomy as a freshman? Now, you can look
no further than your legs. Or, maybe, you’re into making your legs look like accordions.
- Knitwear takes on a whole new form, thanks to
Derek Lawlor S/S 2010.
The shoulders that launched a thousand ships. Okay, maybe not.
- Ditch the inside-out umbrella and opt for
a new printed style.

What interesting things did you encounter in fashion this week?

Brittany Curran
BARE Reporter

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