DIY :: Shoulder Slash

Transform your t-shirts from ordinary to edgy in just a couple of snips.

In Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt, Megan Nicolay shows readers how to take a plain t-shirt and turn it into, well – anything you want! The book includes instructions on making t-shirts into blouses, skirts, dresses, bathing suits, rugs, totes, pillows, accessories, and even a wedding dress!

“Shoulder Slash” is an easy project that just takes a pair of scissors, a t-shirt, and about 10 minutes.

Instructions from the book follow as such:
1) Lay the T-shirt flat and cut out the neck band.

2) Starting about a third of the way down to the end of the sleeve, cut 1”-wide vertical incisions halfway, or shorter depending on how slouchy you want the strips to be, through the width of the sleeve.

3) Repeat on the second sleeve. Easy, or what?

Now just pair the shirt with your favorite skinny jeans/leggings and you are good to go!

Stay tuned for more easy DIY projects!

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. Wow Polina-- you are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. i've been loving all the new ways that people have been making their t-shirts unique, and this one is super fun too!!

  3. Polina you look gorgeous! And the shirt is soo cute! Great way to change up a regular tee.

  4. Omg, gorgeous! You should be an American Apparel model, looks like their photos! Good job on this post - keep these up!