Ek Raath Humaray Saath :: One Night With Us….

Hunger, homelessness and relocation, and fear--tragedies that many Pakistani children are familiar with—are hardships that need to be combated. Fortunately, Cal’s very own Pakistani Student Association, is taking a stand on October 31. Instead of focusing on the evils that are taking place in our world, PSA is not only shedding light on the current issue, but also providing a sense of hope and joy for the situation in Pakistan.

This coming Halloween, PSA is hosting a fashion show of fusion clothing, where Pakistani designers mix traditional Pakistani wear with western styles. Renowned designers of the Middle East such as
Amir Adnan(whose designs have been featured in Dubai Fashion Week) and his wife Huma Adnan are showcasing their designs. Entertainment and music will be provided by Nasaal—an alternative Pakistani band.

All proceeds will be donated to the
Islamic Relief, a campaign where members set up mercy centers in Northwestern frontier in Pakistan, providing displaced people with healthcare, clean water, food, shelter, and other basic needs.

What’s more exciting, is this display of fusion clothing and music at PSA’s event is symbolic of the unity that is being formed between Berkeley, CA and Pakistan. Come help make a difference in the lives of others while enjoying a night of Pakistani, music, food, and fashion.

Where: Pauley Ball Room
When: October 31, 2009 from 5PM to 8:30PM
Price: $20—ALL proceeds go to the Islamic Relief

Patricia Kim
Business Director


  1. Thank you for your support! I appreciate the media covering such a dynamic event:)