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I was able to interview BARE Magazine's Events Director, the lovely Jooyoun Kim, who put together the successful panel last year, to see what she's been up to in NYC this semester. Also, we will be having another panel this Spring, so stay tuned! In our brief interview, we got to talk about StyleCaster and her life at the fullest in NYC!

1) How do you compare living in Berkeley and being in the Big Apple? Easy transition?
In Berkeley I was really in a bubble, among students and I was a student. Berkeley is more laid back. While NYC is CROWDED, people are everywhere and moving fast. They are going places (or at least it seems like it), and majority of them are rushing to catch the subway, or in a rush to hail a cab. Nonetheless, my time in NY is for work so living the 9-7 lifestyle is definitely a change...

The transaction has been much easier than I imagined. I think that it's real important to know people in the city, this will probably make or break your experience. Luckily, I have a few friends here that have introduced me to others and so I've acclimated pretty well...

2) Congratulations on getting an internship with StyleCaster, can you tell our readers a bit more about what it is?
The most simple way to explain would be, imagine if, and shopbop had a baby, that baby would be StyleCaster! It's a community of influencers, and experts. Our site offers everything from content, shopping, community to inspiration look books, basically it's your one stop site for your fashion needs. When you sign up you have your "daily looks", these are like inspiration looks for you but tailored to the weather in your area!

3) What's your favorite part about StyleCaster? Why should we use it?
My favorite part, hmm... right off the bat would be the team I work with. I'm beginning to love my team they're amazing people. They are people with character, brains and humor. We have fun, and get work done, and I respect that environment.! Each department works on different assignments but, together it creates a synergy because we all have the same goal. And that's to bring and provide the best service to our community members and other people we collaborate with. I work with the business development team and I like being a part of StyleCaster because I feel like I bring value to the company while developing my skills. We're constantly encouraged to think outside the box, and we have the freedom to make our ideas come to life which is invaluable experience.

You should use it because it's the first fashion style site that personalizes and feeds you individualized information/content. It's pretty neat. Everyone should try it, I'm sure you'll get hooked!

4) How do you get your internship with StyleCaster?
Last semester I was really interested in social media and the dynamics of online communities, then I found StyleCaster and I was sold. I followed StyleCaster for a couple months and decided I had to be here, I applied, interviewed and voila here I am. I appreciate fashion and I'm exploring different components of the industry to discover where my skills can be of most value.

5) Finally, any tips for our readers who would want to get an internship in the fashion industry?
I don't want to sound redu
ndant, and everyone knows this but, it's networking. And networking doesn't mean just meeting people and having their contacts, it means forming relationships with people so they remember you. People are not going to put their name on the line for someone they don't know and trust. Don't worry, if you don't know anyone that's fine, the next tip is perseverance and persistence. Pick a few companies and apply apply apply, and get creative when sending your applications. I never sent my applications to HR, I always sent them directly to the person who I wanted to work with.

Jooyoun's personal StyleCaster page

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. Jooyoun! We miss you here in Berkeley! SO glad you're having a fabulous time in New York!