Pop Art

As students of one of the most labor-intensive schools in the nation (we challenge anyone!), we rarely think of color in our wardrobe. Especially as the dreaded raining season comes up, more people ditch bright hues and lay-low on the color, at least until the sun starts shining again. But resorting to your usual grays and blacks for the winter is a thing of the past. When shopping, think a little outside the box and you may have a whole new wardrobe.

Now we’re not saying ditch all your dark shades – after all it’s probably what you feel most comfortable in. Case in point: Adele at the 2009 Grammys. Styled by Anna Wintour herself, Adele shows that every girl can look great in a pop of color. Everyone can top a LBD with a smashing coat that instantly brightens up any midterm-sloth. We found a more casual anorak alternative ($22.80, Forever 21) that has an equal “wow” factor.

How many chic French movies have you seen with a statement red coat? Dries Van Noten summoned his followers to be Parisian for once – including this fascinating wine colored number. Until that one day we can go into a Neiman Marcus and snatch one of these babies, a budget-friendly one from Old Navy will have to do ($89.50, Old Navy).

Standing out is particularly difficult in a school of 30,000. Stand against the norm this winter and snuggle yourself in a statement coat that will surely make you a gem in a sea of black.

John Kim


  1. I don't understand this statement at all: "Styled by Anna Wintour herself, it’s hard to say even a curvy girl can look great in a pop of color."

  2. "even a curvy girl can look great in a pop of color" is an extremely offensive statement. as supposed "editor-in-chief" of this magazine, I would think you might learn a little tact.

  3. Thanks for your comment. We at BARE definitely do support ALL body shapes, sizes and colors. The above statement was definitely a mistake on our part. Please note that we didn't intend to shift away from our mission in making that statement. We're definitely still a magazine that tries to promote diversity.

    Karen Kwok
    Blog Editor