Timothy Kadish at Alphonse Berber Gallery

This past Friday, October 23, I was pleased to attend the opening of Timothy Kadish’s new exhibition at the Alphonse Berber Gallery. By revisiting childhood themes, Kadish related his art to the current generation that could easily spot Pacman or Waldo in a painting. As the artist “grows up” with his audience, he transitions from paying homage to our youth experience to revisiting the milestone of the computer. By playing with different mediums, paint, and graphics, Kadish fused together a memorable blast to the past.

My favorite piece was one that had the boy from “The Purple Crayon” in what seems to be in a world of chaos. The scribble of the trees and the wish-wash of the ground vaguely reminded me of the unordered “art” I created.

According to the artist, apples, which becomes a reoccurring theme in his work, signifies the variation and choice we have in our lives. In our society, we go to the market and are offered at least five red apples to choose from; one of the few choices we have to make on a daily basis.

The exhibition is open at the Alphonse Berber Gallery until November 27. Students should feel free to relive their childhood – at least anytime during business hours!

John Kim
BARE Mag, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Definitely doesn't remind me of my childhood... but I love those sewn on elements, very cool