The Uniform Project

Now every BARE girl knows that the LBD is the traditional wardrobe staple that will save a damsel in distress from many a what-to-wear crisis, but Sheena Matheiken has elevated the functionality of the little black dress to a whole new level...and for a great cause too! The Uniform Project is Sheena’s 365-day pledge to wear the same dress, albeit with different fabulous, ecologically sustainable and thrift accessories, to fundraise for the Akanksha Foundation – a grassroots organization dedicated to providing public education to children living in India’s slums. All proceeds generated from the Uniform Project will go toward funding the new Akanksha schools set to open in Mumbai and Pune.

We love her innovative and รก la mode approach to raising the visibility of poverty and education in India and encourage all fashionistas to get involved! Check out for more information on how to donate your old accessories, collaborate on a conceptual ensemble, or to merely be inspired by her outfit of the day; or, donate to the cause directly at

Katie Grant
BARE Reporter


  1. This is a really cool idea! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Wow! That is amazing! I will be checking this out!

  3. wowowow. i'm pretty sure i'd run out of ideas after about...a week.

    thanks for posting this!