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As much as we wish we did, not all of us have the time, motivation or eBay skills to replicate the looks we see in fashion shows, streetstyle blogs and magazines. Circumstances like being a college student or being alive during an economic crisis put a strain on our disposable income, forcing us to settle for sometimes looking less-than-fabulous. Lucky, there is a blog that is willing to cut us lazy-and-broke college types some slack and do the dirty work of bargain hunting for us. The Budget Babe is a freelance fashion writer and illustrator that has been compiling the latest in affordable fashion and beauty since 2007. “We're fascinated by what we like to call the democratization of fashion, from the emergence of cheap-chic fashion-for-the-masses from retailers like Target to the designer imitation culture of Forever 21 and H&M,” her blog reads.

The Budget Babe reports current trends and shows affordable versions for girls for whom Charlotte Russe is a more realistic option than Alexander Wang.

Compare this A Common Thread fur vest for $294 to this New York & Co. version for $49.95, for instance.

The outfit-by-number posts regularly featured on the blog give a detailed, step-by-step guide for how to mimic a celebrity look for cheap. This can come in handy if you don’t have a personal stylist (yet), or if the mood strikes you to go to class dressed like Kate Moss or Diane Kruger.

Regular features on the
Budget Babe include a fashion Q&A section that dispels fashion dilemmas like how to look cute during a cross-continental flight, as well as reader polls on pressing matters such as skeggings (skirt with leggings) and an Etsy Artist of the Week. So, next time you find yourself in Cal sweatpants, shedding tears as you clean the cobwebs out of your wallet while scrolling through Style.com, remember that the Budget Babe brings together the best of the internet fashion community to help you find what you need.

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Nastia Voynovskaya
BARE Reporter

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