Vampire Glam

It has been a couple of weeks since everyone’s favorite vampire show, True Blood, aired its season finale. While waiting for next season, why not reminisce about a fashion favorite on this amazing show?

Even though 500 year old Sophie Anne - Vampire Queen of Louisiana - only appeared in two episodes, she definitely made a lasting impression. Played by actress Evan Rachel Wood, her look is classic and elegant. Her 1930s-inspired sparkling cream colored gown is reminiscent of Hollywood starlets of the era. According to costume designer Audrey Fisher (
The Vault), the dress is from Les Habitudes evening wear.

Her pool outfit (my favorite!) revisits the 1940s pin-up girl. Again, with its elegant soft white color, this look epitomizes starlet glamour. Fisher says that the swimsuit is by Norma Kamali, and the robe is by Jonquil.

Of course it would be a bit pricey to get this look from the original designers that Audrey Fisher used for True Blood. If you are craving a glamorous pool outfit on these last days of warmth, here are some ideas that coincide with a college budget:

1) Retro gold swimsuit from
ModCloth - $89.99
2) Merona bandeau swimsuit from
Target - $34.98
3) Long sheer robes can be found anywhere that sells lingerie. This one is from
Fredericks of Hollywood - $36.00
4) Cat Eye sunglasses can be found at any vintage shop or online store. These are from the
Richco inc. Amazon web store - $3.99
5) Any strappy heels or wedges, like these from
Steve Madden - $63.96
Forever 21 heels - $13.99

Last but not least, this look would not be complete without the signature red lipstick/red hair combo.
So maybe you do not want to dye your hair red; you can still make a starlet-worthy statement with always classic red lipstick. Here are some of my favorites:
· NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella - $24.00
· Max Factor Lipfinity in Hot - $11.99
· Revlon Matte Lipstick in Fabulous Fig - $7.99

Have fun and don’t be afraid to vamp it up.

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. Great article!! :) True Blood is amazing and good call on discussing Evan Rachel Wood's style in the show, she's awesome!

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  3. Awesome post, Polina! I like it almost as much as I like True Blood.. almost!

  4. thanks guys! And yes.. True Blood is spectacular!!

  5. I LOVE True Blood! Me and my bf are still watching the second season. I didn't know she was in the show!! Can't wait to see it! I really like Evan Rachel Wood; she's so talented and beautiful!!

  6. This scene killed me, I want to be her