BARE x FAST Preview Party

As a precursor to the FAST runway show on Sunday November 22nd, BARE hosted a preview party for the FAST designers on Thursday November 19th at the lovely Alphonse Berber gallery. As people walked through the beautiful gallery space they spoke to the designers, ogled at their models, sipped on tasty drinks, and ate finger foods provided by Acme Bread. The party was full of UC Berkeley’s most fashionable, and everyone enjoyed the dance beats as they floated through the space admiring the work of their fellow students.

The main point of this event was to introduce the FAST designers so that patrons know what to expect when they attend the runway show on Sunday.

Christine’s collection was initially inspired by a French painting. She takes elements from this piece and turns them into something modern. When she designs, each piece inspires the next and it is as if she is designing for herself.

Iris’s collection is inspired by modern architecture. This particular piece is inspired by the Federal building in San Francisco. The building has perforated metal that lets sun and air come into the building, allowing it to breathe. Like the building, Iris uses holes to allow the model and the body to breathe.

Grace’s collection takes elements from the past and turns them into new outfits. She is inspired by old fabrics. With this particular dress that was shown at the preview party, she found the fabric at a yard sale. She makes pieces that she herself would wear.

Audrey emphasizes that this collection is to show how she has grown as a person through her years at UC Berkeley. She thanks her family and friends. This collection is not only art inspired, but also 1920s and Great Gatsby inspired. She modernizes the look of the 1920s flapper with materials such as zippers. It is all about becoming a woman and being independent.

May Tilden, who is also a part of BARE magazine, has a collection inspired by Klimt. Expect to see a lot of gold on the runway.

Grace and Angel’s collection is named ‘Bedroom Eyes’. She is inspired by the paintings of a Japanese artist. She uses many pastel and earth-toned colors. The paintings have a somewhat childish essence mixed with an essence of sensual femininity. The paintings include women with long, flowing hair and ornaments – which Grace definitely takes a cue from.
Michelle and Jenny take inspiration from Monet. They take an impressionistic approach by blending colors together to resemble Monet’s paintings. They even paint on some of their clothing. At the preview party, they were wearing their own pieces; showing just how practical the collection is.

Rola and Reema’s collection called ‘Addicted to Lace and leather’ goes for the “romantic goth” look. They mix leather, lace, and tulle. At the runway show, the audience can definitely expect the sexiness of sleeked hair and red lips.

Aja’s muse is graffiti art. By Sunday, this dress will be covered in graffiti art. She is inspired by the individuality of this art, and the entire collection has a hip-hop influence.

Overall, the night was filled with style, fun, and sophistication. The designers got to show off their pieces before they hit the runway, and the party guests enjoyed the sneak peek.

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. this was so much fun, the FAST designers are amazing! can't wait to see their final work on sunday!

    great pictures and great event!

  2. love love love aja and christine's work!

  3. Great report, Polina! I wish I went.

  4. Omgosh, so many things I love:

    - the back on Aja's dress, so sexy, and artistic, well-crafted!
    - May's gold dress! Gorgeous!!
    - That metal dress, holy crap, it's so cool! I wish it was paired with something a little more interesting than what-looks-like-cotton black leggings

  5. The artworks that show on May Tilden's presentation board should be by Gustav Klimt

  6. yes, so sorry about that mistake. it will be fixed asap!

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