Blogosphere's Week in Review

This week’s BWR features volume, DIY fringe details, fur paws, and felt necklaces. Get excited! I know I am.

Voluminous dresses take over Fernando Claro in Seville, Spain.
- Check out these
splattered paint wonders.
- Sequins in two forms:
exhibit A and exhibit B.
- DIY fringe trimmings for the
shoulders and the feet.
- The
Jimmy Choo for H&M reign continues.
- Slip your hands into a pair of “Where the Wild Things Are”
monster paws.
- Pea coats and blazers take over
APC’s winter collection.
- Artist to Watch:
Minjae Lee.
Felt necklaces galore!

What blog posts got you excited this week?

Brittany Curran
BARE Reporter


  1. Ahhhhh.. having my sequin DIY up here is giving me motivation to finish it faster. THANK YOU!

  2. You're welcome! And please do! I can't wait to see it!