Blogosphere's Week in Review

Images courtesy of
Cheap Thrills, Garbage Dress, Keiko Lynn, and Jak & Jil.

This week’s BWR includes edible outfits (not really), bloggers’ Halloween costumes, and celebrity-designed shoes.

- Male dapper via
GQ and Fine and Dandy.
- Want to wear what you eat? Try a
Black Jack Taco or maybe some bacon and eggs.
- Join the
dark side.
- Nicole Richie’s
House of Harlow shoes: yay or nay?
- Bloggers get dressed up for Halloween. Look it’s
Mary Poppins, a lumberjack, and an evil sea spirit!
Gradiated Nails.
- Feeling

What blog posts tickled your fancy this week?

Brittany Curran
BARE Reporter

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    When my ego boosted x1000 seeing Gemma turn into a whale. YAY!