Cook Your Way Through Fashion Week’s Finest

Photos from: secondcitystyle(left) & refinery29 (right)

Who says that Ramen and Easy-Mac have to be the staples of a college student diet? Get ready to channel your inner Julia Child and embark on a culinary journey to impress your most stylish of friends. The American Fashion Cookbook: 100 Designers’ Best Recipes will help you do just that. Brimming with original recipes and sketches from your favorite designers, this book will give your view of food a complete makeover. Let Isaac Mizrahi’s Mushroom Truffle Spaghetti or Tory Burch’s Andalusian Gazpacho add a little chic to your college cuisine. Who knows, maybe it will inspire a fabulous line, or stunning outfit for BARE to spot? Bon appétit fashionistas!

Katie Grant
BARE Reporter


  1. This is awesome! I love themed cook-books! What a great idea for a gift too for any fashionista! Just so fun and artsy and chic. Thanks BARE for the find!

  2. I would get it too, except this is shopping. Jordan-you can't get it!

  3. two of my favorite things in one book?! amazing!